Get SERIOUSLY STYLIN' with your calligraphy!

Go beyond the basics and learn how to build your own alphabet, add bounce & flourishes, and create uniquely kickass compositions.


Hey! Are you looking for a guided, structured way to take your calligraphy to the NEXT LEVEL?

Maybe you're overwhelmed by all the pens, inks, and lasers (yes, lasers) out there....

Maybe you're feeling stuck in the same old style...

Maybe you stopped improving and don't know why...

Well, hot damn, you are in the RIGHT PLACE my friend!


gives you concrete steps to tackle these four areas:

1) CREATE: build your own unique calligraphy alphabet,

2) CONNECT: explore advanced spacing and bouncing techniques,

3) FLOURISH: beautifully and confidently, and

4) COMPOSE: learn harmonious layouts and compositions.

I don't just tell you to "add style" - I break it down into approachable, actionable steps so that you really understand the fundamentals of calligraphy style.

Enroll once and get LIFETIME access!

That means that you can come back and watch the videos and download the worksheets for as long as the course exists!

Let's see what this course can help you do!

Where will you be two months from now?


So whaddya get?

12 Foundational Video Lessons. Professional, high-quality video so you can see exactly how to hold and move your calligraphy pen.

Interactive Hands-On Worksheets. Each lesson comes with printable worksheets, crammed with information, so you can practice and learn as you watch.

Specific Tool Recommendations. Metallic inks? Laser levels? Lightboxes? I got ya covered! A clickable supplies PDF tells you which intermediate tools I recommend and exactly where to find them.

Fun Project Exercises. So you can apply what you've learned in a fun, concrete way that will keep you motivated!

Bonus Worksheets & Videos! Learn how to mix your own ink, practice with two intermediate calligraphy exemplars, even learn how to add style to your numbers and punctuation.

Let's take a look at exactly what you'll learn:


Lesson 1.1 - Welcome!

Lesson 1.2 - Next-level calligraphy supplies


Lesson 2.1 - The "feel" of a style

Lesson 2.2 - Exaggerating basic shapes

Lesson 2.3 - Building a lowercase alphabet

Lesson 2.4 - Building an uppercase alphabet

Practice - Two alphabet exemplars with practice pages


Lesson 3.1 - Spacing and transitions

Lesson 3.2 - Adding bounce!

Practice - Bounce practice worksheets


Lesson 4.1 - Building flourishes

Lesson 4.2 - Placement and helpful tips

Practice - Flourishing practice worksheets


Lesson 5.1 - Hierarchy and sketching

Lesson 5.2 - Refining and inking


Oh yeah.....there's more!

Lookit all these BONUS WORKSHEETS AND VIDEOS to help you cover all your stylish calligraphy bases.

Worksheet: Stylish Numbers

Guidelines: Slant Variations

Worksheet: Stylish Punctuation

Video: Mixing Your Own Inks

From classic copperplate to CARDI B.!


Introducing the...


An exclusive group of action-takers who want to accelerate their calligraphy skills and launch a profitable calligraphy business.

After you purchase Modern Calligraphy 201, you'll have the option to ADD-ON membership in the Inner Circle for an additional $497 one-time fee.

Here's what you get when you join:

1) ACCESS TO ME: Invitation to a private Facebook group where I'll be answering questions, doing live instruction, and adding value for eight weeks

2) WEEKLY FEEDBACK: Your Modern Calligraphy 201 projects are guaranteed to be included in the weekly Feedback Video, giving you valuable insight and accelerated improvement

3) BUSINESS TRAINING: "Checklist to launch your calligraphy business the right way" with Creative Business Coach Joyce Gutierrez. So you know exactly what to prioritize instead of spinning your wheels.

4) INSTAGRAM TRAINING: "Using Instagram to grow your calligraphy business" where I'll share how I built my six-figure business on Instagram.

5) PEER MASTERMIND: connection to a group of entrepreneurs in the same stage of business as you, so you can continue to support each other long after the six weeks are over! Imagine being able to talk to other like-minded calligraphy bosses about things like pricing, client communications, sourcing materials and more...

Joining the Calligraphy Bosses Inner Circle is an investment that saves you TIME and MENTAL ENERGY... things you cannot get back.

It's also the only group that I will be sharing all of my business knowledge with (pricing included!)

= And there are only 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE!! =

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course format?
Just for the Fall of 2019, you'll have two options: 1) Take Modern Calligraphy 201 as an INDEPENDENT STUDENT, or 2) Join in on the CALLIGRAPHY BOSSES INNER CIRCLE
How does the "Independent Study" option work?
If you choose the independent study option, you'll get access to all of the lessons as soon as you enroll. Each week, I'll send you an email telling you what module we're working on and the deadline to submit your project for that week. If you submit your project on time, you MIGHT be included in the Feedback Video I create for that week. You can choose to follow along with me as I work through the six-week curriculum and give group feedback on your projects. OR you can take the class in whatever order and whatever pace you choose. It's up to you!
If you choose to join the "CALLIGRAPHY BOSSES INNER CIRCLE", you'll be added to an exclusive private Facebook Group where I'll be answering questions and adding valuable insight every single weekday for six weeks. Your weekly projects are also GUARANTEED to be featured in the Feedback Videos (as long as you turn them in by the deadline). Once we finish the six-week curriculum, you'll also get two BONUS TRAININGS to help you start your very own CALLIGRAPHY BUSINESS. One training will walk you through a checklist to get your business started right. And the second training will teach you how to use Instagram to grow your business.
Will I get any feedback from you, Shinah?
Just for the Fall of 2019, I'll be leading all of my students through the Modern Calligraphy 201 six-week curriculum. Each week, I'll send an email telling you which module we're working on and the deadline to submit your project for that week. Then, I'll look at all the projects that were submitted on time and create a FEEDBACK VIDEO, pointing out the the most common mistakes and areas for improvement that I saw that week. If you choose the "Independent Study" option, I MIGHT include your project in those Feedback Videos. If you join the "CALLIGRAPHY BOSSES INNER CIRCLE", then I WILL include your project in the Feedback Videos.
Are calligraphy supplies included with the course?
No, it's up to you to decide exactly which intermediate tools you want to invest in. I provide a thorough explanation of all my favorites - like fun flexible nibs, metallic inks, light boxes, laser liners and other fun goodies. You'll get a detailed, clickable list of supplies so you know exactly where to get each tool. Then, you can build your very own unique toolkit - completely tailored to your calligraphy needs!
Can I do this course with a brush pen?
Yes, you absolutely can! I designed all the worksheets to be usable with both pointed nib and SMALL brush pens (like the Tombow Fudenosuke or Pentel Fude Touch). I use a pointed nib in all the videos, but the concepts apply equally to any kind of calligraphy.
How long will I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? Once you purchase the course, you'll have access for as long as the course exists in its current format. I want this course to be a valuable resource in your calligraphy library. Whenever you're feeling uninspired, or like you need a little calligraphy refresh, you can always come back to re-watch any of the videos, or just take the course all over again at your own pace!
Do I get free updates, even after I've completed the course?
Yes! As a student for life, you'll get access to all future course updates on this platform, including new videos, worksheets and exercises.
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Due to the digital nature of the course, I cannot offer any refunds once you have accessed the course materials. I truly believe in the value of this course, but please keep the refund policy in mind before purchasing.

Here's what students are saying about Modern Calligraphy 201:

"Before taking Shinah's 201 class, I lacked confidence and couldn't quite make the leap from feeling like a beginner. This class gave me confidence to layout designs more effectively and now I can actually embellish my pieces in ways that look amazing! If you're on the fence about making this it. Shinah has created an unbelievable amount of printable content that you can use for months or years to come - and these aren't boring drills! This class guides you into creating work that is unique to YOU; not just learning to copy the work of the instructor. I can't wait to keep developing my own style." - Amanda Carso

"[This] course is phenomenal! It's easy to navigate. The interface is beautifully designed and executed. Your videos are well produced and you have a great demeanor when you present the material. It is easy to understand and follow. You've created a great product!!!" - Dave Lewis

"The course was very cohesive, laced with your personality in written content and video! I was just writing words before to help create my style and I hit a plateau. Module 2 really helped me focus on each individual letter. " - Thao Tran

"[This] was a GAME CHANGER. I never thought I would be able to get a grasp on creating my own alphabet, but you made it seem so easy! I love the way you break it into tiny, manageable pieces. Now I want to create so many different styles!" - Sonia Desai

"Shinah, you're the f*cking bomb. I love how clear and concise the information in this course is! It has elevated my calligraphy to the next level. Thank you for taking the time to create this course. I'd recommend it to anyone who has begun their calligraphy journey and needs help refining their technique and finding their own unique style." - Lava Raman

"I really like Shinah's energy and teaching style. The easy flow of this course helped me jump right into the scary stuff that I didn't feel up to facing on my own. The modules are well paced and the practice sheets are now a valuable part of my calligraphy library!" - Kelli Whyte

Your Instructor

Shinah Chang
Shinah Chang

Hi there! I'm Shinah and I'm a calligraphy and lettering artist with a pretty unusual background. I probably should have gone to art school when I was 18, but instead I went in the complete opposite direction - to Harvard University and then NYU Law School. For six years, I worked as a high-powered corporate attorney in a big law firm, and sketched lettering doodles when I got home late each night.

But then! I had an "aha" moment and quit my high-paying job to explore that creative side I always knew I had. After trying lots of different things, I finally took a calligraphy workshop and something just clicked. I had finally found that creative passion that I had been looking for all my life.

Now, I'm a professional calligrapher working with both big companies and tiny businesses. One of my favorite things is teaching calligraphy. I've taught hundreds of students in my in-person workshops. For me, calligraphy is not a stiff, formal, tedious thing - it's full of personality and expression! I truly believe that every person can learn this awesome skill (even if you have awful handwriting!)

Got any questions? Email me at [email protected] - I'd love to hear from you!